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NYIME is a Manchester-born singer, songwriter who releases a brand new single, ‘Reload’.

NYIME is a Manchester-born singer, songwriter. After having a few years away she’s released her brand new single, ‘Reload’.

Having been in the music industry on and off since 2007, and writing songs since age 11, Nyime simply says, “It is time to go back into music again”.

The uptempo Pop and R&B track ‘Reload’ explores themes of relatable experiences in life. Not only juggling her own challenges but becoming a mother and wife which have been the themes that have been the driving force for her to get back into music.

In August 2011, Nyime went through a transformational experience with God where she desired to find her purpose and explore God’s work in her life, “second chances come again, so I grab it with both hands” she sings highlighting the breakthrough she’s had, by forming an intimate relationship with Him.

The single ‘Reload’ begins as mellow and slow-paced then gathers momentum, which is similar to the journey Nyime shares through her lyrics.

The producers of the uptempo song are Féz of the OL Creative Enterprise and Bastian Testori. Nyime’s music often features heavy influences from her Nigerian background but the duo created an instrumental which took Nyime’s sound in a brand new direction.

Nyime is here to stay. It’s her goal to share her gift, inspire and she wants her music to make a significant impact globally.


Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/nyimemusic/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/NyimeMusic

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